Braids and UpDo’s

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to braid hair…


I learned in grade school how to fishtail, rope, french and dutch braid on myself and others. For proms, weddings and any dances, my hair seemed to never look as good as I would have liked since I spent all of my time creating updo’s on many of my friends, family and classmates. I loved being able to change hair to create beautiful works of art with just imagination, bobby pins, and some hairspray. In beauty school I had always won first place with any braiding contests. When I was in my mid 20’s, I had gone to a renaissance fair and had seen a braid I just had to learn. It took me about a year to learn it, and another two years to perfect it. It is called the five strand braid. Since then, I have seen many more braids and updo’s that I have learned and perfected. If I see something that I do not know how to do, I try my hardest to learn it. I would definitely say that even though I love absolutely everything I do in my job, styles, updo’s, and braids are my favorite.




Braids/Updo’s By Jessica¬†