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Here at Jessica’s Beauty and Barber,

I have decided toposterbrunette1 go with all-nutrients® for my color and product line for the simple fact that I believe it is the best out there! Our lives already have so many harmful chemicals that take a toll on our bodies from the food we eat to the air we breath. It only makes since to not add to it with the products we use on our hair. After 15 years of breathing in the chemicals from colors and products every day, I started having respiratory problems. Since I’ve started using the all-nutrients® line, I have noticed a huge difference in my own health; as well as an even bigger difference in my clients hair. The active keratin proteins and amino acids reconstruct damaged hair making it healthier and stronger while the essential fatty acids restore moisture. They focus strongly on using sustainable, organic, earth-friendly ingredients and do no animal testing. They actually haul in big loads of fresh raspberries for the raspberry shampoo, conditioner and sculpt+ products and it smells like it! Their color line has 100% grey coverage with the highest pigment content around to reach that perfect shade and keep it vibrant for longer. And if thats not enough, the line contains no gluten; for those with celiac disease, and also has no harmful parabens, GMO’s, or petroleum like other lines out there.

For more information, ask me personally, or check out the all-nutrient® website at: